The Beatrixpark

The Beatrixpark is a small park in the south of Amsterdam. It is established in 1938.
De Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark  has been founded in 1981 by residents to prevent a part of the park being sacrificied for building purposes.  The vereniging did not succeed in preventing this.
However, what has been achieved is, as a compensation in 1994, the addition of a piece of wasteland called “the wetlands valley”. This part of the park does not exist anymore; it is now partly being built as belonging to the Zuidas.
In 2005 the elder part of the park was appointed as Monumental, which lends it a certain protection.
At the moment parts of the southern area of the park are being re-designed; the vereniging is involved in this process.
The Vereniging of Friend has about 1.000 members at this moment.

This Site

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Unable to find answers? Other question or additions?  Please do contact us, through, or- in case of emergency, one of the boardmembers (bestuur) or the secretariat (see bottom of the page


The Vereniging published a paper Newsletter twice a year. It is also available in digital version on this site. Should you be interested in digital newsflashes, you can ask for that by giving us your mailaddress. These newsflashes are in Dutch. A good source of up to date information is the site of the Zuidas, which has an English version as well.

Phonenumbers etc.

Should you experience nuisance because for example the parties at the RAI or Stranzuid are too loud; you can call the Horeca Nuisance number:  020-4214567.
Amsterdam South has a digital form to report nuisances in public areas: : click here for the internet-link.
More Genreal: Dienst Milieu en Bouwtoezicht: 020-5513456
There is NO phone-number that you can call to ask if the paddling pool for little children is open: a directive is that at a temperature of 21 degrees celsius  (70 F) the pool will be filled with fresh water; and refilled every day. The toilets will be open and most of the time so will be the small ice-cream-and-coffeeshop. A banner will be flying at the sidewalk.


Tot questions you can contact our foreperson; the secretary or the press-person:
Marleen Munniksma 020-6762643, Mirjam Louisse 020-6620227 or Anne-Mariken Raukema 020-6713497.

Becoming a member?

You can join the Vereniging and become a friend/member at the price of a minimum of 5 euro a year.
You can use the digital subscribe form Becoming Friend of the Beatrixpark , or send an email to us:  mailaddress.
As a Friend you will receive twice a year the paper Newsletter at your home-address.