Trees in the park

Every first Sunday of the month you can join an excursion, half of them are dedicated to the great variety of trees in the Beatrixpark. These walks are given by Dutch speaking guides. for dates: rondleidingen IVN

For a digital version of the annotated “Tree-walk” for smartphone click here BOMENWANDELING

This walk (in Dutch) will take you past more that 200 signs on trees that are put up in mei 2013. Every year we add more signs on more trees.

IMG_3502         IMG_3499          IMG_3503

  • In the year of the Crowning of our King a special Lime tree has been planted on the big meadow. .Read more about it:  Here 


You can learn more about the plants in the medicinal Herb Garden:  click here .

Felling of trees

Every now and then trees have to be felled because of the Zuidas, the broadening of the A10 or building in the new part of the park.
We have objected against this, and will continue, but only insofar as this is relevant and reality-based:
Objection against the felling of trees in the part called  Beethoven, Zuidas , 15 sept. 2008

Update december 2016: Our view about the felling of trees because of the Zuidas-Dok:  zienswijze-zuidasdok-dec-2016

In august our chairperson had an interview about this subject (in Dutch):