kindmetgieter020507The paddling pool for little children is open from half may till begin september; admittance is for free. The pool will be filled with fresh water when the weather is sunny and at least a 21 degrees. This limitation is because 70.000 liters of fresh water is needed to fill the pool.
The quality of the water is check regularly and a supervisor is present.
The toilets are free and open when the pool is filled.

In the small building near the playground and the pool you can buy coffee, tea and ice creams.

Regrettably there is no phone number you can call to check whether the pool is open and filled; you’ll have to go by the 21° and the weather.


The paddling pool is situated in the Monumental part of the Beatrixpark. That means nothing can be altered and special care is taken to preserve the lay-out and nature as it is.  Of course we expect visitors to behave, keep things clean and respect the small children that are playing. This place is meant for them. Do not practice sports like boxing or play ball in this area.
As in all of the Beatrixpark, open fire or BBQ are strictly forbidden. As is camping or sleeping overnight.

In this part of the park of course dogs are not allowed; neither are they on the playgrounds. In most of the rest of the park – and this is special ! – you can let your dog go unleashed.

Bikes and bicycles
Please leave your bicycle in the rack at the entrance.