Zuidas information

The Zuidas, the DOK and Beethovenkavel

For information concerning the Zuidas, the building of the “DOK”, and the part of the Beatrixpark that is called “Beethoven”, i.e. the southern part with the school and office buildings in it, we refer to the site of the Zuidas.

They provide alle information; for a big part in English: zuidas

Update summer 2018: to give some insight…..Zuid-as is constantly changing. On the “month-maps” (click on link below) you can check what is happening at this moment or in the near future.
These maps only reflect projects undertaken by the Zuidas. And of course these maps are static and reality is not; so considering the information as being under reservation.

For more information and latest update see website (www.zuidas.nl).

Click here for maps in pdf:  Maandkaarten Zuidas en Zuidasdok Q2 2018