The volunteers of the Herb garden publish their photo’s of the plants through the seasons:  Foto’s

The Medicinal herb garden called Artsenijhof was constructed in 1972 in honor of the Floriade festival. At the end of the last century the garden was, due to the intensity of the required maintenance, very neglected, so much so that the local politics refused to maintain it any further. The Vereniging then started the initiative to maintain the garden with volunteers; on condition that the Stadsdeel supplied the plants and the heavy maintenance of the paths etc.
This proved to work out very well, and has been the mutual agreement since.

In the years between 2000 and 2005 all the small parts of the garden (numbered boxes) have been replanted in accordance with a new medicinal based scheme. Each plant has its designed place; which you can find in the overview of the garden. This overview is available in a little booklet, Het Groene Boekje (in Dutch and Latin for the names of the plants). It is also digital available: Groene Boekje 2012   (>3 MB !)
In it all plants are represented with their medicinal purpose.

groene boekje jpg

Het Groene Boekje, een uitgebreide beschrijving van de planten in de Artsenijho

On the map of the herb garden below you can see all boxes are numbered.
Starting July 2016 the overview of Plants to be found in the Artsenijhof is also available in English, thanks to Martin KramerPlantsPerSectionOverview_2016-07-18
Update!! In november a new overview has been published: PlantsPerSectionOverview_2017-11-07

The booklet is available for 6 euro; just email to us and we will contact you. 

Volunteers: All year round, apart from a short stop in wintertime, the volunteers work in the medicinal herb garden
-every tuesday morning from 10.00-12.00 and
– every wednesday evening starting 19.00.
You are welcome to join them! (mail or phone us