Welcome to the site of the Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark

The Beatrixpark

The Beatrixpark is a small park in the south of Amsterdam. It orginates from 1938.
The Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark came to life in 1981 because local citizens wanted to prevent a part of the park being confiscated by the RAI, and other plans for building. That original goal was not reached. However, as a result of the protest a new part of the park was added and designed as water-valley. Also, en extra highway-exit that was planned to go straight through the park was prevented.
In time; the new part also vanished because of the need of Zuidas to built more and more. The vereniging however continues, with the support of a 1000 members, to defend the park against unwanted intrusions.
Whenever a new plan is rising to build in or near the park, the Vereniging is a serious sparring partner for alle parties, and will be consulted as to our wishes.

This site

Via lemmas and os links you can find al kinds of information; about het Vereniging, the park itself, topics about the surroundings of the part etc.
The search-function allows you to fine-tune your search in the site.
Should you be unable to find what you are looking for; or have unanswered questions,  please contact us via Beatrixpark@hotmail.com, or – only in case of urgency, call one of the members of the board.  (bestuur)


The Vereniging published a paper Newsletter twice a year.
You can also sign up for digital news, which will only be sent when there is something relevant to tell our Friends.
These mails will be in Dutch; for English speaking Friends the site of the Zuidas, which is bilingual, is an excellent source of information.

Becoming a Friend.

You can join our Vereniging as a Friend, by paying an annual contribution, with a yearly minimum of 5 euro.
You can use the form,  het formulier, or send us an email.