Open dag Zuidas 30 oktober 2021

Hierbij informatie over de open dag Zuidas: Beste bewoners, Tijdens de OPEN DAG 2021 op 30 oktober gaan de deuren van Amsterdam Zuidas wagenwijd open voor bezoekers, omwonenden en andere geïnteresseerden. Een verrassend programma om kennis te maken met onze...

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20 april: Water in the childrens pool

For the first time this year the pool at the playground will be filled with water. We regret to inform you that there is still no progress in the renovation of the play-ground itself: the Stadsdeel has problems with the finance and organisation of new...

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Help clean up the park

Last Saturday, March 23, the municipality handed out some clean-up sets (a pair of tongs and a handy device to clip on the trash bag) to us and some concerned visitors of the park. It was National Clean Your Environment Day! If you would like to have a clean-up set...

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