New Benches!

June 22, 2020
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Thanks to the RAI and to Griekspoor:

The Beatrixpark in Amsterdam Zuid has gained two unique benches. Two four metre long tree benches are donated to the park by RAI Amsterdam. They are made from the plane trees, which were removed from the Wielingenstraat near the new Hal 5. With the help of the sawmill at Stichting Stadshout these planes have been transformed into benches, which are very suitable for meeting other people at the safe distance of one and a half metre. The placing of the benches has been paid for by Griekspoor, the supplier of the RAI.

Marleen Munniksma, chairperson of the board of the Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark, about the benches: ‘The benches come in very handy, especially at this moment. A lot of park visitors use them. To sit and enjoy the park at a safe distance from one another in these turbulent times.’

Last year RAI Amsterdam already donated two tree benches to the Beatrixpark. These have been placed near the kiosk. RAI Amsterdam also donated two benches to the Voedselbank in Zuid. Four benches have been placed at the RAI area, more will follow this year. The Stichting Stadshout has made cutting boards from the wood that was left over after producing the benches. These boards are used by the RAI caterer at meetings. RAI Amsterdam is also going to plant a number of new trees.

Are you looking for a great place near the RAI to meet people in the sun at a safe distance? You can find the unique tree benches at the big field in the Beatrixpark near the water