The battle against the Japanese Knotweed continues

26 Jul 2020 | Developments

Update 23/9: The message below dates from 3 August. In the meantime the initiative has gained notoriety. ‘Amsterdam’, a publication by the municipality, features an article about the volunteers who remove Japanese Knotweed plants once a week, see page 13, 6.Zuid-september2020

Last week a group of well-instructed volunteers started to remove the proliferating Japanese Knotweed. An invasive plant, which crushes other plants when it is not stopped. Following the advice of Renze Haitsma of the Japanse Knotweed containment team the plants are being dug out roots and all at various places in the park. The dug up material is being removed in special big waste bags to be carefully destroyed.  It is very important as much as possible is removed, little pieces will grow into new plants.

The municipality is busy getting rid of the plants but lacks funding and manpower, which is why a group of park enthusiasts decided to get to work themselves. This is greatly appreciated: team members of the ‘Team Duizendknoop” came to help and Renze Haitsma brought apple pie for the hard workers.

A warning: please do not start removing plants yourself, a special method is needed to make sure things do not get worse. If you would like to help, please send an email to us and we will send it on to Brecht, the initiator of this project.

The Friends are very happy with this initiative, three board members have joined the group. Special equipment has been purchased for this project. The big bags are provided for by the municipality.

There is still a lot to do, so you will see them at work more often in the coming weeks.

For more information about the Japanese Knotweed: