Japanese knotweed volunteers back at work

8 May 2021 | New messages

Maybe you have seen them at work again: volunteers removing Japanse knotweed plants. And not without good reason because the Japanese knotweed is proliferating at different spots in the park again. Last year a lot of Japanese knotweed was removed, making sure most root systems were removed as well. At the moment little red plants can be seen everywhere, luckily they can be removed quite easily. It is important to remove the plants persistently, to hopefully eradicate the Japanese knotweed from the park in three/four years.

If you would like to help every now and again, please let us know via the general email address: mail@vriendenbeatrixpark.nl We will put you in touch with the coordinator of the Duizendknoopbrigade (Japanese knotweed volunteers)