A lot of litter in the park…..

14 Apr 2020 | New messages

Update 15 april: After we complained about all the litter and rubbish (see below) today the men from the Gemeentedienst came along and cleared away the rubbish. A big thank you to them! We hope they will come more often.



14 april:

No doubt you have seen it walking through the park these last few days: rubbish everywhere and overfull bins. We find it very disappointing that people seem to think it is normal to leave their rubbish all over the place instead of taking it with them. Could you please help in keeping the park clean? Of course we have informed ‘handhaving’ and the municipality many times, but they are very busy and many people working for the ‘buitendienst’ are ill.  Members of the board of the Vrienden van het Beatrixpark (and their family) have done their bit in cleaning parts of the park.