Great news: the playground near the paddling pool will be renovated after all

June 1, 2019
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Many Friends have asked us why there is so little playground equipment near the paddling pool. Unfortunately for two years we could only reply that old and unsafe play equipment had been taken away and that the City District was planning to renovate everything. Some parents had been invited to discuss the design. But that was all. Nothing happened.

With summer approaching fast, the board of the Friends started sounding the alarm bell again. We even offered to start a crowd-funding action, with contributions of the Friends, if money was the problem.

This week we finally received a message, that a budget has been reserved and that a project coordinator will get to work soon. A rope bird nest has been ordered.

As we do not know how long things will take, the board has arranged some small toys together with Nicole of the BEA kiosk. You can pick them up at the kiosk…. among other things bubbles, water pistols and plastic buckets. So at least the little ones can enjoy themselves for the time being. Please leave the toys at the paddling pool so that others can play with them as well. They will be stored at night.