Performance in the Art Chapel on november 10th

7 Nov 2018 | New messages

We received the following announcement:

November 10, Saturday 8 PM Kunstkapel Amsterdam

Darkness Visible: Three Autosuggestions

For October Country II, The Warp invites performers, artists, and musicians to collaborate on multimedia performances suggested by the twisted realities of the English essayist Thomas De Quincey.

1. The Privy Switch performs A Dream Fugue: Via Sudden Death Trips
This band of provocateur-musicians has interpreted Thomas de Quincey’s ‘Visions of Sudden Death’ with a performance engulfed by a composition of images and shadow play. The Privy Switch routinely shifts roles and instruments and constructs a particular installation for each project.

2. Our Sorrows’ Two Thirds: Bjork Nielsdottir & Vilbyorg Broch perform LEVANA
Levana was an ancient roman goddess associated with rituals related to childbirth, more specifically with the lifting up of children off the ground. Her name has given us the contemporary word Levitation. This vocal duo offers an ethereal yet eerie meditation on the magic and trauma of being lifted up…

3. The Shadow Seminary School for the Convergence of the Outer Bodies performs Suspiria de Profundis (Deep Breath)
One of a tryptich of works, which explores the previous life of the Kunstkapel as a seminary rehearsal space, this piece is prompted by an unsettling text as well as an iconic horror film. The result of this deep breathing is a meta-dance piece where somnambulist ballet maneuvers are subverted by free forms who advance from the shadows and alter the space.

Participating artists, performers, musicians and dancers: Vilbjørg Broch, Viola Scholten, Nia Hareva, Stefania Perek, Ksenia Petroula, Marysia Skorwider, Manuela Tessi, Izabela Pacewicz Wysocka, Mark Bain, Bjork Nielsdottir, Tamira Van Wijngaarden, Simone Goslinga, Dirk Bruinsma, Bart de Vrees.
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